Fire Warden training Warrington – Under UK HSE legislation fire warden or fire marshal training is required at places of work where staff members have been nominated as Fire Marshals or Fire Wardens. The training course we provide ensures that your Fire Wardens are acting competently and in accordance with good practices and any specific company procedures. The Fire Warden training course is also known as the Fire Marshal training course.

Fire Warden Training Warrington

As a business owner, we understand you want to ensure fire safety risks are managed appropriately to limit any damage to your workplace, harm to your employees or financial loss. The Fire Warden training course we provide in Warrington is aimed at your supervisory staff, nominated emergency response personnel or simply anyone who needs an appreciation of the role of the Fire Warden / Marshal.

Did you know we can come to your workplace to deliver the Fire Warden Training course!

Delivered directly in your workplace for 6-12 delegates for a group cost of only £425.00 +Vat.

Fire Warden Training Warrington – Please select the link below for full course details:

Fire Warden Training full course details 

The Fire Warden training course, also referred to as the ‘Fire Marshal’ training is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to fulfil the role of a company Fire Marshal. In particular, to enable them to respond promptly and positively in the event of a suspected or actual fire, and facilitate the safe evacuation of the premises.

For further guidance on Fire Safety in your workplace please visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) section on Fire Safety and the Law in the Workplace.

Fire Warden Training Warrington – Did you know we can come to your workplace anywhere in Warrington to deliver the fire warden training course!

Fire Warden Training Warrington – If you are an employer, business owner or are in control of a premises, the Fire Safety order that came into force in 2006 states that you ‘must ensure that your employees are provided with adequate safety training’.

By providing Fire Safety and/or Fire Warden training, you are ensuring your employees well being, and protecting your investment in your staff and your business.

For external useful information on fire safety in the workplace please visit the GOV.UK website, The best place to find government services and information:

Fire Warden Training Warrington – areas we have delivered training include:

  • Trident Industrial Estate
  • Birchwood
  • Stockton Heath
  • Penketh

  • Great Sankey
  • Padgate
  • Woolston
  • Bold Heath

Fire Warden Training Warrington – For more information on the Fire Warden Training Course offered by Training Solutions North West and how we can help you find the right training courses for your business please email us or alternatively, call us on 01978 884 775 and speak with one of our training Consultants.