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Manual Handling Awareness

Manual Handling Awareness

This manual handling training course on manual handling is suitable for businesses operating in Liverpool and across the North West region. The proper lifting of loads and objects is legally mandated under the Manual Handling Regulations 1992 (MHOR), which requires adequate training for individuals who carry out such activities. This training is applicable to all employees who are involved in physically moving, lifting, and transporting loads within the workplace. Furthermore, managers and supervisors can benefit from this course to understand their roles and responsibilities under the regulations.

Manual Handling Training Courses delivered in Liverpool and across the North West

Delivered in your workplace in Liverpool and surrounding areas

This training course introduces candidates to the hazards and risks involved in manual handling and outlines what to expect from a manual handling assessment. It will enable employees to develop safer manual handling techniques in the workplace.

Delivered directly in your workplace for up to 6-12 delegates – High Quality Training, competitively priced to meet your Training budget. Call 0151 515 0416 and ask to speak with one of our Training Consultants for full details and pricing.

This Training is suitable for anyone who carries out manual handling tasks in the course of their work

It is crucial to provide Manual Handling Training to increase awareness of safe manual handling and reduce associated risks. However, before implementing manual handling operations, it is important to ensure that they are practical and reasonable. Furthermore, it is crucial to regularly monitor and review procedures to ensure that workers have a clear understanding of them and can apply them effectively.

Training should comprehensively address the following areas:

  • manual handling risk factors and how injuries can happen
  • how to use mechanical aids
  • how to carry out safe manual handling, including good handling techniques
    systems of work relevant to the worker’s tasks and environment
  • practical work so the trainer can identify anything the trainee is not doing safely and put it right
  • The content of any training in good handling techniques should be tailored to the tasks the workers carry out.

It’s crucial to understand that injuries resulting from poor manual handling activities can happen in any industry, including retail and education. Such injuries can occur due to awkward postures, heavy manual labour, or manual materials handling, which are all risk factors for developing MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders).

Poor moving and handling practice can lead to:

  • Back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, which can lead to inability to work
  • Moving and handling accidents – which can injure both the person being moved and the employee
  • Discomfort and a lack of dignity for the person being moved

Please feel free to download your free PDF Copy of a brief guide to Moving and Handling in Work from the Health and Safety Executive website.

For further guidance on Moving and Handling in your workplace please visit the Health and Safety Executive website (HSE) on Moving and Handling in the workplace.

Did you know that our Health and Safety awareness training course also covers Manual Handling in the course module!

Who is this course suitable for:

Basically, this Manual Handling awareness course is for anyone who carries out manual handling tasks in the course of their work. Back injuries can affect all people, in all job roles and all industry sectors.

This Manual Handling awareness course is for anyone who carries out manual handling tasks in the course of their work. Back injuries can affect all people, in all job roles and all industry sectors.

Many are irreversible and can result in significant periods of absenteeism, costing both employers and employees dearly.

This includes Office staff who may have manual handling activities of a low risk to Care Staff and warehouse operatives who have a higher risk of sustaining injury from Manual handling activities.

Half Day (4 hours) We are flexible with starting times to meet the needs of your business.

Course aims:
The aim of the course is to provide adequate training for the purposes of Health and Safety for persons involved in the safe handling and movement of loads within their workplace. Additionally, the course includes hands-on practical assessments throughout fully supervised by the instructor.

Course Content:
The duration of this course is a half day incorporating both theoretical and practical input.

  • Introduction to Manual Handling
  • Responsibilities imposed by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (M.H.O.R.)
  • Movement of Loads
  • Risk assessments
  • Workplace legislation
  • Health and safety principles
  • Manual handling injuries and the activities which cause them
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Safe handling principles
  • Control measures for reducing the risk of harm
  • Practical assessment
  • Theory Test

Assessment and Certification:
This course requires continuous theoretical and practical participation and assessment by the tutor. Additionally, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance on successful completion of the course. Furthermore, it is recommended that, in the absence of any injuries at work due to manual handling, this course should be refreshed every three years or when a review is required.

For the Care Home sector we recommend the Moving and Handling of People Training

Manual Handling Training delivered directly in your place of work anywhere in Liverpool and across the North West including:
  • Widnes
  • Manchester
  • St Helens
  • Wigan
  • Wirral
  • North Wales
Manual Handling Training in Liverpool and across the North West

For more information on Manual Handling Training in the workplace and for common questions please visit the Health and Safety Executive website section on Manual Handling FAQ’s.

Manual handling injuries are part of a wider group of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The term ‘musculoskeletal disorders’ covers any injury, damage or disorder of the joints or other tissues in the upper/lower limbs or the back. For more information please visit the Health and Safety Executive website section for MSD – Manual handling.

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